Summer art workshops for kids! 

I have had so much fun lately designing some summer art workshops for kids. It is one of my favourite things to do! I love all the creativity and imagination that kids show as they create! It only encourages me to do the same.  I know that summer is a busy time, but I also know that kids can get kind of bored after awhile.  So, what a better way to spend some summer days than to create!  I began to think of ideas by going through my sketch books to see what I could come up with!  The first thing I saw was this fun little guy pictured below and that is how doodles in underpants came to life!  Why underpants?  Why not!  That was the beginning of more to come as I began to think of other fun things to create that would allow lots of room for imagination! That’s what I love about the pieces that I created.  There is lots of room for kids to add their own flavours and also for imagination to soar.  I love to incorporate storytelling to my artwork and to see how the stories grow and get full of more and more nonsense as kids come together, each adding a dynamic part.  So I’m going to give you a sneak peek on a few of the things I came up with that I’ll be teaching kids how to paint this summer.  Stay tuned over the next week or two for more info on class times and location .

Doodles in underpants 
We will be working with acrylic paints to create this fun piece of art.  We’ll begin by doing a simple doodling exercise to design our own doodles in underpants.  After designing we take look at working with complementary colours and then transfer everything to a 16×20 canvas.

The no good, horrible, rotton, bad hair day 
We’re working with mixed media to create this fun piece of art.  We will learn about face shapes, eyes, noses and mouths, and how to use napkins and paper to make art along with paint.  Come with your imaginations to create some no good, horrible, rotton, bad hair on your canvas!

The Master Collision
Learn about acrylic paint and about famous artists, as we look at the work of Jackson Pollock, Kinzsly, and Van Gogh.  Create the ultimate collision as the masters all collide in this 16×20 canvas painting!

Exotic birds gone doodled
This is a sketching workshop as we look at three different birds and learn how to draw them.  We also look at different colour schemes, lines, and patterns.  We’ll use markers to fill in these fun exotic birds.  Each bird will be mounted on black foam board.

The floating house at sea
Come with your imaginations for this fun storytelling and painting combo class!  We will be learning how to paint this painting and collectively telling a story at the same time.   This is an acrylic paint on a 16×20 canvas.

The blended chameleon
This is a watercolour class where we will be working with different techniques with watercolours, using salt, rubbing alcohol, and ink.  We will be drawing the chameleon step by step and learning how to blend one colour into another. Watercolour paper

Stay tuned for more info for registration and location.