I’ve been doing a lot of pondering lately.  For those of you who know me well, you will know this is nothing new.  I ponder many things.  Pondering is my way of processing what is going on around me and in my life.  It allows me to come to some sort of understanding for the matters at hand.  And at the end of a year and as we are looking forward into 2015, I tend to ponder that much more!
One of the things I’ve been pondering revolves around Funtastical Studios.  Why are we here?  Why do we exist and what is our purpose?  If you’ve been following the blog at all, you’ll know that we’ve been on quite the journey this past year.  We spent the summer at our trailer relaxing, creating, and spending time with family and friends.  We’ve been working hard at developing our Funtastical Studios business and creating new ideas and products.  We’ve had the successful launch of our first children’s book “On Top Of the World” which sold out very quickly and we’re waiting now on our second shipment of books to come in.  But at the heart of everything, why are we doing all of this?  
The trailer!  Our home for the summer.
Trish doing one of her wonderful creations!
Our children’s book, ‘On Top Of the World.”
The best answer I can come up with is that we are dreamers.  We always have been.  Our dream revolves around making a living through our creativity.  It also involves encouraging others to be who God has created them to be.  To encourage and help them live out their dreams and to restore hope to those who have lost hope.
For us, our dream revolves around the arts because that is how we are wired.  It also revolves around fun because that is a big part of who we are.  We love to play.  We’re big kids in many respects.   
It involves our family.  Our kids are a big part of our dream.  We want them to join with us in living out not only our dreams, but also their own dreams.  How does that look for us?  Well, honestly right now we’re still figuring that one out!  Part of it is by allowing them to create on their own, and paying attention to how they are wired.  Part of it is by allowing them to participate in what we are doing.
It also involves adventure.  Stepping out into a dream is not easy.  There are many obstacles to seeing the dream come to pass.  There are risks that need to be taken, and mindsets that need to be shaken.  But the reality is that if we play it safe and don’t take the risks, we will not be alive inside.  There will always be a part of us that wonders…what if!  We don’t want to live with ‘what if.’  We want to live the adventure.  We’d rather live life full and free as opposed to being filled with regrets.

And finally, it involves encouraging you in the same way.  We, by no means, have arrived yet.  We are early in our funastical journey.  But did you know that you are a part of us living our dream?  You, just even by reading this and following us on social media, are helping make our dream a reality, and we want to somehow be a part of seeing your dream become a reality as well.  As we head into a brand new year, I’d like to encourage you to dream big!  Find what makes you come alive inside.  Pursue your dreams and go for it!  The adventure is waiting for you!  And can I encourage you to share your dreams with us as well?  Post them on the Facebook page and interact with us.  Feel free to talk with us about the joys and struggles.  Let’s encourage each other as we live out our dream!  We absolutely love it when we see people commenting and becoming part of our Funtastical family!  So thank you for being a part of our dream.  Let’s journey together as we live our lives full of adventure, fun, family, and destiny!  Happy 2015!