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Art lab: Long Legged Creations
Who: Ages 6 and up
When: Oct 21, 2017 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Where: 158 Tannery St. Baden, ON
Medium: Watercolour paints

Get ready to streeeetch  your imaginations! As each child will get an extra long wooden pallet to create their own characters on using acrylic paint.

What exactly is an art lab?  It’s a time where kids get to explore, experiment, and try different mediums to create pieces of art.  We believe that everyone is creative!  Each child is so unique and has their very own creative voice.  We love to help bring that creative voice out of them.  In each of our labs we try to introduce a new medium that kids can have fun with.  They’ll receive instruction on how to create their art piece, but we’ll also encourage them to make it their own.  A key ingredient to all of our art labs is FUN!!!  It is also very important to us that the atmosphere in which we create is an encouraging one.