Create your own funtastical mixed media piece of art!!

I love mixed media!  You may be asking what exactly is mixed media??  It’s a mix of different mediums collaborating together! For example; paint, markers, papers, glue, stamps, pastels, inks….you name it, you can use it.

What I love so much about mixed media is you can be playful with paint and whatever materials you choice to use.  Honesty you can’t go wrong when you are creating with mixed media. If you don’t like what you have done you just layer more paint or paper over top.  I actually think the more layers you have going on the more personality your piece develops.

SO….. here are some tips before we begin!

1. Don’t be cautious!  Mixed media is fun!  It’s a time to experiment and explore with a multitude of mediums.  This is a collage, and well… collages look bare if there isn’t enough going on!

2. Remember that this is a process and you can’t rush it! Don’t settle for a piece your not happy with when it’s in your power to keep going with it and change it!

3. Always carry the mindset that this is going to turn out! Usually in every piece of art there is an ugly phase where you begin to wonder if your art is going to look good. Keep going with it believing that it will.  It makes the process way more enjoyable and takes frustration away!

4. Stop and look at what you have created every so often.  If something is standing out to you, it usually indicates that maybe something is wrong with your composition you may need to add more or take away …..Again this is so much easier to do with mixed media!

Lets begin!

I first select a canvas to create on. I recommend using birch board.  It’s much firmer then a canvas and makes for a better surface.

I then select a variety of papers that I want for my first layer. I try to mix and match patterns and colours.

I decide what I want my subject to be?  Do I want to create a character? houses? trees?  I like to come up with my own ideas, so I go to my greatest source of inspiration-my sketchbooks.  My sketchbooks are filled with doodles in ink…

I then use mod podge or a gel medium to glue down my papers, I put the medium on the back of the paper as well over top of it.  I overlap my papers and cover my birch board.

I like to use a brayer to help get all the air bubbles out and make it a little more smooth if you choose, however with mixed media you do gets lots of texture so the choice it up to you.  I tend to be a bit impatient so I use a dryer to speed up the drying process. A simple hair dryer will do.

Next I usually put a light coat of white paint mixed with glaze over the whole background. This will help tie the papers together as well as dull the background as you will have still lots to add.

It’s time to play, or in my case get messy! This is where I begin to add random stamps, stencils, and smudge paint onto my background.  I have quite the selection of rubber stamps so I pick ones that I think may go with my subject matter. I use a black archival ink pad and begin to stamp.  It’s important to try your stamps out first and make sure the surface you are stamping is dry.

I also like using different stencils where I spray inks, paint, or sometimes I use molding paste to give it an embossed look.  On this piece here, I used my chicken wire stencil, and my favourite distress sprays.  You can use so many different materials that you don’t have to go out and buy all kinds of stuff… just look around your house.  I am sure you will find things that you could use!

I also like to use pastels or makers where I just add some more colour around the edges of things I have stamped or glues. I love Faber Castell Geletos, you can smudge and smear these and they work great!

I then draw out my subject matter, I typically like to use chalk, however sometimes it doesn’t work well on the surface after having lots of layers. So I often will use a pencil. The nice thing about chalk is you can erase it very easy.

The next step is my all time favourite!  My paint pens!  That’s when I feel the most free as I doodle the image and other parts of my canvas.  I go back and forth with adding papers and paint and doodles. I really like sharpie paint pens.

Many of my mixed media pieces have words with them.  To do this I print out the font and words that I want to use , cut them out, and glue them on my canvas.  I like to accent them by outlining them in black.

Voila….. You were made to shine!

Check out the final product at my etsy store by clicking the button below.  Happy Creating!!! If you have any questions feel free to contact me and  I would be happy to help you the best that I can.


See the finished product here!!