DIY Fun Mixed Media Art

Create your own funtastical mixed media piece of art!! I love mixed media!  You may be asking what exactly is mixed media??  It's a mix of different mediums collaborating together! For example; paint, markers, papers, glue, stamps, pastels, name it, you can use it. What I love so much about mixed media [...]

Staying True To Your Own Style

Maybe it's just the sunshine we have been experiencing lately, but I have been in the mood to paint. So much so that I could have easily cleared the art store out of canvas.   I have sketch book after sketch book full of ideas and paintings just waiting to happen.  This week I did [...]

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Sneak Peak: My New Funtastical Painting Line!

I have been working over the past few months on some new paintings to go with The  Lucy Collection.  Many people have been asking me to do paintings for little boys, and I've been busy working on these.   Introducing The Little Nate Line!There are six paintings in all and they all come with little [...]

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