Summer Art workshops for kids

 Summer art workshops for kids! I have had so much fun lately designing some summer art workshops for kids. It is one of my favourite things to do! I love all the creativity and imagination that kids show as they create! It only encourages me to do the same.  I know that summer is a busy [...]

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Stevie’s wonderful rhymes

It's been forever I know since my last post and yes lots has happened and I will have to fill you in,but I haven't stopped creating just taking it all at a slower pace. I was going through some of Steve's rhymes that he teamed up with my artwork and it made me sad and [...]

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I’ve Been Pondering…Who Are We? (the musings of Steve)

I've been doing a lot of pondering lately.  For those of you who know me well, you will know this is nothing new.  I ponder many things.  Pondering is my way of processing what is going on around me and in my life.  It allows me to come to some sort of understanding for the [...]

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Nuts and Bolts

Christmas is here! And I haven't really been in the kitchen a whole lot!  So I decided that it was time to make a batch of home made nuts and bolts.  This is my favourite recipe that has been passed down from my mom.  Christmas time was always the season in which we made these [...]

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A Picture Tells A Story

Lately I have been inspired to paint a lot, which I love to do!  I have lots of projects that I need to get done, but none in which I have been doing.  I have tried, but it just feels like striving.  So I decided to take a load off and just paint what was [...]

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Painting Furniture

On today's blog I thought I would go through step by step how to paint a piece of furniture.  This is something I really love to do!  However, getting the piece of furniture ready for painting is another story and I can't say I love the prep works that goes into this.  But I do [...]

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Preparing For An Art Crawl: No Striving Allowed!

On today's blog I am going to share with you some questions I ask myself when entering an art show, as well as all that I do to prepare for the show.  Going into art shows can be very rewarding but can also be lots of hard work.  I am not quick to enter into [...]

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Are You Committed to the Dream?

Stepping into our dreams is a thrilling ride but also scary.One of my favourite topics to discuss lately is the dream, but not so much about the struggle to see the dream come to pass.  Today I thought I would write a bit about the reality of stepping out into your dream.  If you know [...]

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The Great Pumpkin Harvest: A Creative Experience

Fall is one of my favourite seasons.  As much as I love the summer I look forward to fall every year too. The changing of the leaves, cooler evenings snuggling up with a warm blanket, and the great pumpkin harvest!  One of my favourite family traditions...every year I head out with the three kids and [...]

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Designing Your Very Own Masterpiece

As I have mentioned in the past, I am very passionate about people creating out of what is inside of them and not so much what they can copy (although I realize you can learn a lot about skill from copying).  I am more focused on bringing the creativity that is in you alive!  What [...]

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