DIY Fun Mixed Media Art

Create your own funtastical mixed media piece of art!! I love mixed media!  You may be asking what exactly is mixed media??  It's a mix of different mediums collaborating together! For example; paint, markers, papers, glue, stamps, pastels, name it, you can use it. What I love so much about mixed media [...]

Creating Boxtrolls: A Creative Lesson In A Local School

Today I had the joy of going into a public school and doing an art workshop with a class of kids.  It was so much fun!  I did a demonstration with clay and we created mixed media box trolls.  I recently watched the Boxtrolls movie and loved the claymation that they used.  It really was [...]

A Sneak Peek Into Funtastical Studios Art Classes For Kids

Coming this fall I will be teaching some new classes to kids ages 6-10!  I have been busy trying and experimenting with lots of mediums to make this a funtastical experience for kids.  I love the diversity in art and the varieties of materials you can work with.  I know that kids love that too! [...]

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More Mixed Media!

Lately I have been on a mixed media frenzy!  I really love it!  I think it's because I feel so much freedom in it.  There isn't that worry of messing things up because I just keep layering over until I get the look I like!  It's fun and to me it's a great way to [...]

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Playing With Mixed Media

From time to time I like to play with mixed media.  For those who are unaware of what mixed media is, it is a whole bunch of different art mediums put together to make one piece of art.  What I really like about mixed media is that you can experiment with all kinds of things [...]

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