DIY Fun Mixed Media Art

Create your own funtastical mixed media piece of art!! I love mixed media!  You may be asking what exactly is mixed media??  It's a mix of different mediums collaborating together! For example; paint, markers, papers, glue, stamps, pastels, name it, you can use it. What I love so much about mixed media [...]

Easy To Use Resources For Creative Young Minds: A Sneak Peek Into Our New Curriculums.

At last Steve and I have created some art and music books for you parents to use and learn at your own home!  We often have people asking us for ideas that they can use with their kids for art or music.  Finally we've got some practical ideas and guidance for you to use not [...]

Inspiring You And Your Kids Through the Creative Power of the Sketchbook!

I love to take time each day to draw in my sketchbook.  Except my sketches are more like whimsical doodles.  I have found that taking 15 minutes a day to doodle has really changed my creativity and helped me come into my own style.  So I wanted to pass this simple exercise onto my kids [...]

10 Inspiring Ways To Get Creativity Flowing In Your Kids

Sometimes you need a little inspiration and help in order to get your kids to create something new.  So today I am talking about finding creative props that can help get the creative juices flowing.  I know that many times if I just hand my children a piece of paper and a box of crayons [...]

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More Mixed Media!

Lately I have been on a mixed media frenzy!  I really love it!  I think it's because I feel so much freedom in it.  There isn't that worry of messing things up because I just keep layering over until I get the look I like!  It's fun and to me it's a great way to [...]

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Print Making With Kids

My daughter loves to make cards!  She loves collecting used envelopes to re-use and then add them to her collection of cards.  So for something different I thought I would do some printmaking with the kids for a different way of making cards.  This is a fun activity that is easy for kids too, and [...]

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The Art of Passing Creativity On!

Pass the paint.  It's time to pass on some creativity!Did you know that you are creative?  Yes you!  Perhaps you already knew that, but maybe some of you never saw yourself as creative.  I believe that everyone is creative.  It just looks very different from one person to the next.  I have come to realize [...]

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Playing With Mixed Media

From time to time I like to play with mixed media.  For those who are unaware of what mixed media is, it is a whole bunch of different art mediums put together to make one piece of art.  What I really like about mixed media is that you can experiment with all kinds of things [...]

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