Lately I have been inspired to paint a lot, which I love to do!  I have lots of projects that I need to get done, but none in which I have been doing.  I have tried, but it just feels like striving.  So I decided to take a load off and just paint what was coming to mind and I am so glad I did.  It brought much joy to me and I now feel more inspired to get at the projects that I have waiting me.  So here are two new paintings I did the past 2 weeks.  As I painted them a little story came to mind and I decided to make that part of the finished product.  Steve of course took the time to rhyme the stories.  So for your enjoyment, here they are!

Myron the Snow Owl
Myron the snow owl
Was wise as could be.
Watching the world go by
Sitting on his Fun-a-doodle tree.
From way up high
He saw so many wonders, 
That so many people
Seemed to pass by down under.
If only they could see
The fun and adventure galore
That was there for the taking
Waiting to be explored.

The Fun-a-doodle tree

In the season of cold
All was frozen and void.
Nothing green ever grew
And no colour enjoyed.
All the birds of the air
They were white as the snow,
And their tails were all frozen
And their breath wouldn’t blow.
But one day a seed,
An unusual kind,
Fell in a fox hole 
And the ground it did find.
It began to grow
Through the snow and the ice,
And it grew and it branched out
Not once, and not twice.
There were lots of branches
That turned out to be,
The wonderful, colourful
Fun-a-doodle tree.
The birds they all flocked
To look at this tree,
And as they landed on it’s branches
They all chirped with glee.
For as their feet came and touched 
The branches up high,
The birds true colours came out
And they began to fly.
Their frozen tails wiggled
As the ice it did thaw,
And their feathers turned purple
Blue green, and colours of all.
The Fun-a-doodle’s purpose
Let the story be told,
Was to grow in the void
Bringing life to the season of cold
And that’s exactly what happened
In this wintery land,
When the Fun-a-doodle tree grew
And the birds became grand.

Steve and Tricia’s Funtasical Studios