At last a blog post! I must say, this spring has been a bit of a blur!  I finally feel like things are becoming normal again!  We have been busy with our book, “On Top Of the World” going into schools and doing book reading events!  It has been lots of fun and great to have my husband as my partner in all this!  I love the way he draws kids in with his fun music and quirky self!  Unfortunately I haven’t been overly inspired to do much blogging lately!  Hoping this is the beginning of that all changing.  I tend to go where the inspiration hits, and sometimes that isn’t always a great thing!  I can end up leaving things unfinished in all this.

But with the nice, sunny, warm weather, I have been inspired to work on my gardens.  Now anyone who knows me knows I am not a gardener!  I don’t like it and I am not good at it.  However, I DO have a vision and it involves paint.  That puts a whole new twist on gardening for me.  Last year I  began a new concept “The doodle garden” and this year I plan on going BIGGER with this concept! So here is a little sneak peek of the doodle garden we are working on.  There is more to come once I work up some more of my backyard!  Poor Steve!  It’s a good thing I married an easy-going guy!  So here you go….a few early pictures of our doodle garden.

I will make sure to post more as we get things done!  Happy doodling!